We are commited to building a better future for the children in Moldova. We comissioned a study executed end of 2014 with the title Ensuring the rights of children in rezidential institutions for a better and equitable life in Moldavia.

The summary of this study:

Yearly over 3000 children are left without parent support and care in Moldova

– The most common profile of such a child is 11-15 years old, male, rural environment

– These children suffer from discrimination, violence and abuse, lack of attention from their teachers, stigmatism, isolation, poor academic performance

– There are not enough foster homes to take care of all these children

– They are lacking support and a clear direction in life


To access this study or to use it further, please write us an email to


Our initiative Based on this we have started the initiative of reinvesting the profits from our products for building an educational center with a focus on nutrition and health for these children. The plans for this will be finalized in 2015 and the building up of this initiative should be finalized in 2017. For more details or cooperations, please contact us.

You can see detailed parts of this study by Natalia Vozian in Romanian here.